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Empowered by Movement


Step into the vibrant world of Monica Landois, a Mompreneneur who has been lighting up the Austin fitness scene for over 13 years. With her infectious energy and passion for movement, Monica inspires others to live passionately and find joy in every step.

Her fitness classes are not just a workout, but a transformative experience that leaves you feeling empowered and uplifted. With Monica as your guide, you'll join a positive community that is driven by a shared love for dance and movement.

Monica's unique approach to fitness is rooted in her belief that movement is not just physical, but also a powerful tool for healing and empowerment. Through her classes, she creates a space that is inclusive, encouraging, and transformative. Her dance fitness routines and choreographies are all her own, and she programs her fitness classes in a distinctive way that ensures you'll have a fun experience in each and every class.

As a first-generation Austinite from Monterrey, Mexico, Monica understands the challenges of navigating different cultural backgrounds. She loves encouraging others to confidently create space for themselves and to celebrate their unique identities. Her bilingual skills also make her classes accessible to a wider range of people.

Monica is a true jack of all trades when it comes to dance and fitness. She can adapt her creative work for anything and collaborates with other local artists, middle and high school dance teams, businesses, brands, podcasts, and conferences. Monica is an activation for business conferences, bringing energy with her empowered movement. She recently worked with EmpowHer and Riser for their networking events, and has been featured in articles and podcasts to share her journey as a single mom navigating a business that inspires others.

So come join Monica and her community, and let's move our bodies, uplift our spirits, and live life passionately together! With Monica as your guide, you'll discover the joy and power of movement, and unlock your full potential.



HEY YOU! I'm beyond excited you're here with me!

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